I just had my very first ever lesson in driving a stick shift. Let’s compare shift vs automatic for a moment:

1. Take foot off of brake
2. Put foot on gas.
3. Car goes.

1. Let off clutch until engine picks up.
2. Take foot off brake
3. Put foot on gas
4. Let up clutch while pushing gas
5. Release clutch with more gas
6. Car goes (maybe)

::whine:: I had that poor Jeep turned into a bucking bronco several times. I managed to learn how to start the Jeep, make Jeep buck, make Jeep go, make Jeep turn on a dime, and stop Jeep. We also worked a little on shifting gears (make Jeep buck again). I got it into 2nd gear a few time before my raging hormones got the better of me. I certainly could have picked a better week for that. I’ll certainly end up with a nice powerful left leg. That clutch pushes back hard.