Best friends in my graphic novel. On the left, the as yet unnamed Larken character, on the right the main character, Aloria (Lori for short). They’re headed home on a hot day from a walk to the grocery store.
This illustrates the facial structure differences between the two, Lori’s eyes go up, Larken’s go down. Larken has a shorter (cuter) nose, while Lori’s is long and upturned. Lori’s mouth is a little smaller, but her lips turn down more. Both girls are about the same height, but Lori has a longer torso while Larken has longer legs. This makes me laugh, because in real life, I’m a good 6 inches taller than Larken, with both a long torso and long legs. Larken’s eyes also don’t turn down that much, but I wanted her to look markedly different than Lori. Once I practive her more, she’ll look a bit better. Eventually, she’ll be named. I’m toying with Noelle at the moment, but I don’ think that will be the final name.
All I can say is: Why are the best friends the sexy ones?