!!! As I’m sure you’re all aware by my constant complaining, I haven’t seen ANY before today. Out of nowhere today a male and a female showed up! I have two feeders, one SE (post mounted) and the other NW (window hung). I saw the female buzz up to the NW one right at about 6:30pm. I freaked, but didn’t move so she wouldn’t be scared away. When she flew off, I grabbed my camera. She came back and I was still setting up, so she flew off, scared. I was in place the next time she came back, but the damn camera was out of focus. 🙁 She didn’t come back in 45 minutes of me waiting with the camera poised, so I turned it off and went to make dinner. This puts me in view of the SE feeder, on which a male was perched, calm as could be! I ran back to grab the camera, but by the time I got to a decent light point, he was gone. I waited around a bit, but he didn’t come back before dark. Figures. They show up too late in the day for me to get a decent shot. Grrrr. Hopefully I’ll get some decent photos tomorrow.