This entire week, I’ve been agonizing over a long-awaited life path change. Do I chuck the teacher career and go for portrait photography or stick with teaching because it’s safe? There are pros and cons to both, but Larken made three of the best points in favor of changing to photography. She said, “I think you’re too unstructured for the regular 9-5 job. Plus, you’re sick ALL the time!” and then she played to my ego with “You’ve got so much talent it’d be a shame to not do photography.” While I was at the gynecologist on Wednesday, the doctor I was seeing asked me what I did and I told her “‘portrait photographer’ because it sounded better than ‘unemployed daycare teacher’. She then immediatly told me that she wanted photos of her two-year old daughter, Emma and asked me for a business card. I had to tell her that I didn’t have any cards or a website up yet, but that I’d leave my e-mail with her and she could e-mail me with questions.
Later that night as I was thinking about it, I came to the unpleasant conclusion that more thinking isn’t going to get me anywhere and if I’m going to do anything I need to get off my ass and just make the choice. So I did. I’m going to go for portrait photography. Thank you Larken and John. 🙂 Now, to go about getting it done.
This is my battle plan for now:

1. Come up with names.
2. Buy a new domain for the website
3. Install PixelPost to power the website.
4. Split the website into two parts: family and not-so-family oriented.
5. Set prices and print package prices.
6. Have two sets of business cards made to cater to two seperate crowds.
7. Have two sets of brochures made.

So far, the name has been the hardest part. I have a few freinds *coughAtariandTimcough* who work int he graphics industry and can do cards and brochures for me. I can do the webpage on my own, but the names are killing me. The problem that I’m facing is that I am unmarried. If I use my first and last name, that’s what will become known. When John and I eventually get married, I’ll be changing my last name to his and I’ll have to go back and re-do all of my contacts and cards and brocures.. etc. The best I came up with was ‘Elle photography’, elle sounding like the letter L, which is what both of our last names begin with. Larken came up with ‘Heather in the field’ (punny, but I like it) or ‘Nightingale Photography’ and ‘Nightingale Nights’ for the not-so-family (boudior) oriented site. I love the ___ Nights part, but I’m not really fond of Nightingales. Suggestions anyone?