Larken – ‘Heather in the field’, ‘Nightingale Photography’ and ‘Nightingale nights’
Blixem – ‘Crickie-clickie’ (in jest), ‘MobilePhoto’
My Mom – ‘Heather travels’
David – Get married and use ‘Heather Larkin Photography’
Scott – ‘Angel Wing Photography’
Ozgreg – ‘Elvenwings Photography’
Stephen – ‘Captured Light’ and ‘Captured Nights’ (added bonus: is available)
Larken’s mom – ‘Peaches’

Right now I’m wavering back and forth between ‘Heather in the field’ and ‘Captured Light’. I really enjoy ‘Captured Nights’ too, and ‘Heather in the field’ would become ‘Heather Nights’ (Larkin says lame) or ‘Field Nights’ (which sounds even lamer to me).

You can see the work on the photo site here: Temp Photosite