For those of you who haven’t seen the best flash animation EVAR, go see Everybody else has had more sex than me. Be sure to turn up your speakers. Mr. S sent this to me via AIM yesterday, and I promptly fell out of my chair. It’s SO cute, and very well done, even for an animation geek such as myself. S was also nice enough to find me the lyrics, which you should go read here. There’s just something about dancing bunnies singing about sex… Mr. S sent me the link to the bunnies while we were talking about HTML. He was wanting to know how to get a link on his page, but damn AIM kept eating the tags. Finally was able to get the correct crap accross to him. He then wanted to know how to do pictures, which was much easier since he knew what the format was already. He then figured out all on his own how to make a picture into a link. 🙂 Go check out his page and congratulate him on all his hard work.
My backyard is beginning to look quite nice. The hanging fuchsia makes a nice addition to the hummingbird feeders and wasp trap. It even bloomed a few days ago. Still no hummingbirds here, but Trinny is still reporting many over at her place. I even had a dream last night that I saw one. I was so excited that I almost woke up John before I figured out that it was only a dream. I planted some fun red petunias under the front window hummingbird feeder. They’re the spreading kind, so they should take over the front flowerbed and become a swath of red out there. Very pretty. The freak hailstorm we had yesterday beat the hell out of them, but they’ll live. The hail was only pea-sized anyway.
Joshua came to visit on Tuesday. We went to Maggie Moo’s (the best ice cream EVAR), then puttered around in the thrift store. We were almost done when I spotted something in one of the back corners. I wandered over to check it out and much to my delight, it was what I suspected: Roller Skates!! I’ve been looking for years to find a pair that fits me. I got so excited that I took off my shoes and tried them on right then. I even skated a lap around the thrift store to test them out. They’re a bit tight, but for $8, they can’t be beat!