A bit of an actual conversation between John and I last night at bedtime.

Me: “How is it that the sheet ends up over there andthe whole blanket ends up over here?”
John: “I think I kick them off in the night.”
Me: “Yeah, but why not both? No, they part ways and migrate. It’s like you.”
John: “I part ways and migrate?”
Me: “Well, your hair does. It parts ways with your shoulders and migrates to your butt.”
John: “It does not!”
Me: “No, it’s more like.. infestation. Contamination?”
John: ::pause:: “Heroic Journey.”

It’s also John and I’s 6 year anniversary today (or somewhere near today, since neither of us can remember what the actual day was). Since John will be at practice this evening, we’ll have lunch out and then on Sunday we’ll go to the flea market for some photo props and old video games. Happy 6 years, honey. Happy many more.