Thanks to Larry, is sporting a fancy new Gallery! He put up the software god knows how long ago, but I only found it was there last night. I got it configured, then had to get his help again to get it secured. I spent all day today getting the pictures into the right albums and getting everything all captioned. I got the new artwork in as well, for the first time since March 2004! It was just getting really annoying to make the separate web page and thumbnail for each new picture, then get it uploaded, then get it coded in to the main page.. etc. So, much happy with gallery, because I can just get it in the right place with a minimum of fuss. People can leave comments on the pictures now too!

Joshua is leaving for Texas on Friday, so we’re going out tomorrow afternoon for a last old-school round of ice cream at Maggie-Moos. He also just called and told me he saw hummingbirds at his feeder today. Damn Damn! Everyone I know that has a feeder up has them, except me! I know because I’m in a urban area, and because I have no flowering plants to draw them in.. but… nerg. At this rate, it’ll be June by the time I see any here. I might have to go over to Trinny’s place just to get my fix. Or something.