Larken’s murder party was last night. She sent us all a character packet with the following:
“Dr Robert Corpse was discovered dead in his office two weeks ago. It was the eve of his press conference to announce his cure for earlobe cancer. The situation speaks of foul play, but the coroner could not immediately decipher the cause of death at the scene. However, the autopsy will be concluded this evening, at which time the morgue has strict instructions to contact Bailiff Pepper with the cause of death. Until then, I, Kate Beyotch (the proprietor of Mr. Corpse’s estate) will be holding a dinner party with both suspects and witnesses; because I want to watch you all squirm.

Larken – Kate Beyotch (rich lesbian)
Me – Fifi Delacroix (Beyotch’s crazy french maid)
Jon – Sgt. Pepper (baliff)
Kevin – Dr. Berliner (famed German scientist)
Tim – Father Paul (catholic priest)
Angel – Duchess Marie Sussexshirelichtenstrauss
Blixem – Hank Greenspan (Wall street Investor )
Stephen – Skip Drake (Mr. Corpse’s personal pilot)
Meredith – Enya MoonUnit (Liberal activist )
Jeff – Chet Treewood (Boy Band member)
John – Nick, the Notsosecret Ninja

A grand time was had by all. I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself. I was playing a bat-shit crazy french maid (yes, I wore the costume) who was terrible as a maid. I dropped several pasta noodles, stumbled over people, threw bread at the guests, and told people that Larken’s character sounded like a purple diswasher and tasted like blue. Blixem and Stephen were being somewhat male chauvanist pigs and kept ‘dropping things’ for the maid to pick up and making comments about my ass. Stephen slurped his beer loudly durring the preist’s mealtime prayer. John ‘sneaked’ on tiptoe across the middle of a very crowded room. Angel was even asked if she had a penis. It was a great party.
About 1/2 the party (A preist, a french maid, a lesbian, a tree-hugger, and a prom-queen all go into a store…) went out to the store IN COSTUME because the bottom fell out of the mason jar that Blixem was making alfredo sauce in. He even called a grocery store and had ‘Fifi Delacriox’ paged to the front counter! It was only when we got back that we learned, because he’d called the wrong store. The kicker to this whole story is that the woman in line behind us invited us to a costume party she’s throwing on the 28th.
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