I fail. I tried to make some dumplings (out of a box!) tonight for dinner. I made them exactly as it said, and they came out all doughy and nasty. To feed myself after that fiasco, I made some nice grilled cheese sandwiches. The ended up looking a lot like these. I give up. I fail at cooking. I ordered pizza.

I also fail at keeping track of my shit. I have lost my phone and ALL of my extra camera memory cards. They were in a plastic bag we took to the murder party, but I didn’t get home with them. I’m just praying they’re still somewhere over at Larken’s place. I don’t even want to think about replacing all that. Something on the order of $400+… This wouldn’t have even happened if I had taken my purse, but I was afraid of leaving it there!! Larken, don’t throw out your trash!