TA and Byron came and went. 🙂 It was a nice visit though. I wish they were able to stay a bit longer, but I guess I’m lucky to see them every few years at all. TA and I sat up until midnight (not that late for me, but late for Aussie-time) talking about the farting contests and poo. Well, Byron was doing most of the real farting. Pizza will do that to a man. They played funny songs for me. I woke up early to talk more and see them off this morning. We mostly talked about how Australia is different from the US. Rest of the photos in the ‘TaryAnn visits us’ album.
After they left, I called Larken and we went by the garden store . She bought some ferns for her mom’s garden and a jade plant for Blixem. We messed around for a bit longer, then came back here and watched ‘Muppets Take Manhattan’ on DVD. It was fun. I hadn’t seen her all week. Then she tells me “Oh, we have hummingbirds over at our place.” GGNRR!! Trinny has a feeder out for them every year, but hers hasn’t been filled up in a while. So, she fills them up and two days later they have some! I still have NONE. I still have to content myself by looking at pictures of last year’s hummingbirds. Where are mine?
I went to a garden store yesterday and couldn’t stop myself from buying something. 🙂 It was either some really pricey bushes, or hanging fuchsia. I went for the fuchsia. 🙂 There were two beautiful varieties, and I went for the one called “dark eyes”. It will look like this when it blooms. It has a bunch of buds on it right now though, so hopefully soon. It should attract hummingbirds as well. Right now I don’t have anything else blooming. 🙁 The cardinal vine hasn’t even got buds on it, the daylilies and cannas are just shoots, and the gladiolus won’t bloom until June. The four-o-clocks that had sprouted didn’t survive (I told you I’m a plant-killer). I have more seeds on order, so hopefully I’ll get something out of them this year. The garden place had more fuchsias in today, but I had to restrain myself. I wanted to buy some so badly, but I have nowhere to put them. 🙁 I want to hang one out front to help draw attention to my other hummingbird feeder, but there’s nothing to hang it from. It’s too heavy for the gutters, and there are no branches there.