So I go outside to pick up the rest of my laundry and from out of nowhere, this black and white tuxedo cat pops out of NOWHERE and all but jumps into my arms. WTF? The cat starts purring as soon as my hands touch it. I pet it for a few minutes, then figure it must be hungry, so i grab some cat food for it. The cat decided it would rather have pettings than a meal, and procedes to love on me all the way up to the apartment laundry room, still purring. I checked online for lost cats ads here, but found nothing. This poor thing has to be loved. Coat’s in great shape, loves everyone it sees. The Stumpy had a fit, of course, even seeing the cat through the glass was too much for her. Yeah, this is a one-kitty household here. I feel terrible leaving the cat outside with no one to love on it. Anyone need a loving, playful kitty?

Larken: it’s a boy kitty. 🙁