I’ve come to the uncomfortable conclusion that I’m just being too darn timid about my photo business. I need to get contact info, need to work of following up, generating more excitement.. etc.
Have done:
1. Made a website. www.clportraits.com
2. Put a form on the website so it’s easier to contact me.
3. Made a News and Specials blog so people can see their sessions in progress and check on specials. www.clportraits.com/news
4. Begun a mailing list to prod clients
5. Printed and have handed out coupons for reduced session fee
6. Started a referral program

To do:
1. Get trifold brochures printed when we have the cash
2. Make some small contact forms for people I talk with to fill out
3. Get more postcard coupons printed when we have the cash
4. Beg Larken to re-write my Rates page
5. Finish mailing list ans send out first ‘issue’
6. Take brochures and coupons to local boutiques and schools
7. Advertize in the local parenting mags when we have the cash
8. Find mothers mailing lists here figure out how to advert there w/o being obtrusive