Ice fairy I have a shoot with a friend coming up. She’s got blond hair and a stunning face, and she’s letting me do whataver I want to with her. I plan on doing some new stuff, but the top of my list is to dress her up in my old ice-fairy getup. I loved the set that I did of myself (left), but for obvious reasons I can’t really use them in my portfollio. So, I plan on recreating that with her. Or, at least, I hope to. The light may no co-operate. She’s all excited about it though. We plan on running through my costume closet like little girls. She wants to do the french maid. I want to put her in the showgirl outfit or my lavender vixen bits. Maybe a fun devil dress to offset the angelic look of the ice fairy. The peacock costume is gone now though, and the Alice costume is in need of dire repair, so those won’t be available to play with. Whatever we decide to do, it’ll be a great time!