It’s 3am, and I’m awake. I can’t sleep. I’m so keyed up over nothing. No, it’s more the prospect of nothing. Yep, that’s right. I have no new shoots and I’m a whiner. Today’s issue: where to meet moms if you’re not a mom yourself. I’m starting to feel like a creep at th elocal playground. I go with my camera and no kids. I’m sure at least one person has thought that I am some pedophile just waiting t snatch a child and drive off with it. I can’t show up at the local mother’s clubs with no kid to bring. Same goes for mailing lists and other mother-only things. So… what can I do that puts me into contact with lots of moms but doesn’t require me being one? John suggested offering my services to the boy scouts. I need to replenish the local kids boutiques with cards. I’m even considering going to church out of sheer desperation. Not to meet God, mind you.. to meet moms. Arg.

John and I are going to see his family in Mississippi for Thanksgiving. We’ll be one from Wed to Friday night. I may or may not have net connection. Hopefully the family crazy will keep my mind off of the lack of business.

On the bright side, my first newborn was just born a few hours ago. That session will be a LOT of fun, and very interesting. I have a big basket and some fur, also some creative things like a huge stocking and some baby blocks. Have to bring trashbags to tote the peed-on things home in. Hah hah.