‘Last night for movie night over at Larken’s place, we watched “Shall we dance?”, a 2004 remake of the Japanese version, “Shall we dance?”. It was a surprisingly cute chic-flick. I say surprising, because I really don’t like Jennifer Lopez. She spent 2/3rds of the movie looking pissed off. Whee. 🙂 Anyway, the reason it’s stuck in my head today is that like the very first dancing movie I ever saw, “Strictly Ballroom”, it made me want to take dance lessons. Unlike “Dirty Dancing”, which was ALL about Swayze’s ass and a taudry romance, “Strictly Ballroom” was about the romance AND the actual dance steps. The music is stunning, and every time I watch it, I want run out and sign up for dance lessons so I can learn to move like that. Thanks, Meggie, for making me watch it for the first time and getting me totally hooked. There’s just something about good music that really gets to my feet. So, I left Larken’s place last night wanting to grab John and sign us both up for a long set of dance lessons. At least we’d look good at our wedding, whenever that may be. As another plus, there’s the fun dresses. 🙂
Another big part of me being totally girly is… hummingbirds! They’re almost here! They should arrive here sometime from tomorrow through Monday. I have my feeders all ready and filled up, just waiting. I keep imagining I hear one outside, but.. nothing yet. I planted all of my plants outside, but they are too little to bloom yet. 🙁 I found out that hummingbirds tend to follow the blooming of the Dwarf Red Buckeye, so I will have to buy a ton of them once we buy a real house. Next decade, perhaps. 🙂 I don’t want to plant expensive trees and then move out.
The bad part about spring is that all the wasps start coming back to life. 🙁 John bought me some wasp death traps for my birthday last year. I have one up now, but no waspy death yet. I’ve been using sugar water, but I think I will switch to something fruity and yellow. Yellow being the favorite color of bees and wasps. I plan on letting the honeybees out, but killing all of the wasps. I really hate wasps. All of the ones flying around now ore females, looking for nesting spots. Each one I kill now means 30 more I won’t see this summer. I want to just run around in the backyard with a can of wasp spray and kill everything I see. Kill!