FinalHere’s the final card design. I did a bunch of different fonts and just hated them, so this is it. I taked to Atari (my graphic designer friend who also did my logo) and he said that I should always always use the logo for brand recognition. He made a few other points and overall it looks a load better. These will be printed as magnets so hopefully people will stick them on the fridge (or better, a work fridge) and see them everyday rather than just leaving them somewhere to get lost.

Last night I dreamed Meggie was pregnant and we were trying to work out an overseas trip for me for a while to do maternity and newborn shoots. It was sooo weird. I woke up laughing at the thought of her pregant because she’s such a career girl. She’d be so mad because a pregnancy/baby would seriously slow her down.

December 19: I am very glad that 2007 is finally rolling around and I can start using my awesome appointment book. It rocks.

December 20: I am glad that I can ask a question (cards) and get a shitload of answers.

December 21: I am thankful for John’s family. They think highly enough of me to send ME a check with his for Christmas. That’s never happened to me before.