John just called me to tell me he’d just t-boned some idiot 18 year old girl who crossed two lanes as he was trying to merge. I’m PISSED, but he’s holding onto his temper stunningly well. I have no idea what the truck looks like (our only vehicle right now), if it’s drivable, if they called the police or who was at fault. He’s fine, she’s fine. This is the second wreck he’s had this month (someone rear-ended us 3 weeks ago). He also got his truck broken into 5 weeks ago! If God exsists, He’s trying to tell us something.

December 22: I’m thankful that my man is okay. I’m also very thankful that I’m not there, because I’d have my hands around that young idiot girl’s throat.

Will edit to add more as I hear it.

EDIT: John just called back. The police were called. They showed up and cited IdiotMerging2lanes Girl with “Failure to yeild to oncoming traffic” and gave him nothing, so she’s at fault. Yay for not having to pay her repair bill and higher premiums! John says the truck may not be drivable because the hood is squished and something pressing on the tire. His dad is on the way up there now to evaluate the damage and lend us his Cherokee.

EDIT 2: John drove the truck home. The wheel scrapes the smushed bumper if he turns right too far, and the hood has a nice ridge in it on the right side. The tag office just estimated the truck’s value at about $600 (it’s a ’90 with 240,000 miles on it), chances are good that this will be more than that to repair. Not sure how insurance will rate it yet. If they total it out, it might just be cheaper to get a loan on a new Honda or something that we can both drive.