Okay, here are the photos of John’s poor beaten truck. This has been reported to insurance, but since it was reported on a weekend before a holiday, we got the customary “Someone will get back to you in a few days.” response.

The last photo is the bumper damage from the guy rear-ending us a few weeks ago. John drove it home, but the front bumper is pressing on the tire. The tag office rated it at about $700, and bluebook rates it at about $1280. If the repairs to it cost more than it’s worth, insurance will just pay the total worth rather than the repair cost. It’s highly likely that the little green truck will be totaled out. That leaves us with two options. He can either take the money and repair the truck and continue to drive it, or we can look at getting a new one. John’s dad had offered to cosign on a loan for us so we can get a new car, but John loves that truck dearly. I’m pretty sure that it’ll come down to a new one because the truck has 240,000 miles on it. We’re looking at getting something small and reliable that will last us forever. I wanted a Mini Cooper. 🙂 They are less expensive than you think, but John says they look rich and ar targets for theives. So we’ll probably end up with a Honda or a Toyota of some sort.