I took a nap for an hour today and had the WEIRDEST dream I’ve had in a while.
I dreamed that I had a baby… and I forgot. Like, for three months. Forgot I was pregnant, forgot I had the baby, everything. Meggie came over and she says “How’s Nitta (Pronounced ‘nee-tah’)?” and I replied “… Uh. I don’t know. Let me go check.” So I go in to see her and there she is, 3 months old or so. Obviously someone was taking care of her, but damned if I know who. So I pick her up and she gives me this “WTF?” look, then she starts crying. Of course. She has no clue who I am! So I give her… (wait for it) some Cheerios, which she snatches up and eats them like she’s starving. I walk back out with her and this stupid expression on my face and tell Meggie “She’s eating Cheerios. I guess I should feed her more often.” to which she replies angrily “Yeah, James (my dad) thinks so too.” I just sat down and thought “I’m a mother. A really BAD one!”