December 23: Woohoo for new lens!!

December 24: I’m glad that as an adult I can now get to sleep on Christmas Eve, rather than being up until 2am and waking up at 6am too excited to sleep anymore. I’m also glad that as a child I did have those sleepless nights, because they were special.

December 25: Even though they live far away, I’m glad I have a family to talk to, rather than having none at all.

December 26: Thank goodness for leftovers.

December 27: I’m pretty sure that once I get busy with work again, I’ll be grateful for the down time this month has given me.

December 28: Yay for friends who give you bootleg copies of smut!

December 29: Even though he drives me CRAZY sometimes, I’m glad to have John in my life.

December 30: Thank goodness we can get a co-signer on a loan. We’d never be able to afford a new car otherwise.

December 31: I’d grateful for the insight this project has given me. Thanks again to TaryAnn for starting it!