Five minutes ago:

Heather: So, I could get an $800 website for $500 right now.
John: Is that a hint, or is it supposed to make me run away?
Heather: Neigher, I was just laughing at it. If I had $800 I sure wouldn;t be spending it on a website.
John: No? What then?
Heather: A backup camera, duh. ::pause:: Wait, DO we have $800??
John: Uh, no….
Heather: I could… repay you in… blowjobs!
John: Nowa___ Wait, what? ::pause:: That would be a LOT of blowjobs.
Heather Not that many. How much is a blowjob anyway?
John: I could probably get one in Atlanta for about $30.
Heather: ::grabs calculator:: So.. the $2750 camera I want would be 91 blowjobs.
John: Yeeeess___ wait, no! We don’t have the cash!
Heather: ::pause for a few minutes:: How about 670?
John: :: eyes light up:: Blowjobs?
Heather: No, dollars, silly. I could get the other one I like for $670. That’s 23 blowjobs.
John: ::gritting teeth:: Don’t. Have. The. Cash!