So, I get to help put on a baby shower for my girl Larken! I’m excited (because it’s a party) just to be helping out, but she gave me charge of the invites. Heee. One of the plusses to working in the postal service is that you know when the mail policies change. Back in October, the mail laws changed the so that it was okay to send irregular shaped stuff thought the mail (you may recall the die-cut postcards that popped up). This means that I can use bizarre packing material as well. Like baby bottles. 🙂 I decided to use the baby bottle like a mailing tube, and call it a ‘message in a bottle’. Lame, but cute at the same time. Larken and I got some cute Pooh stationary at Hobby Lobby, which I rolled up and tied like a message, then put some crinkle paper and some baby confetti. It’ll go right through the mail, and I hope the receivers think it’s as cute as I do. I also spent the day making ‘Boo Boo Bunnies’, to hand out as goodie gifts to the mommies with small children. I ran across the idea on this site. They struck me as simple to make and adorable, so I tried my hand at some. I still have to put on some pink puffy noses and some white tails, but they are easy. I even changed the design a bit to make three lop bunnies. They look cute, but not quite as cute as the regular ones. I made all blue ones because Larken’s having a boy, but I may get some pink washcloths for mommies with girls at home. You know how kids fight over the littlest detail. I attempted to sew some eyes on the bunnies, but the embroidered eyes just looked lame when put next to the googly eyed bunnies, so I changed them all. I’d never heard of these things before, but it seems that they’ve been around for quite a while, more than 30 years! Some of the boo boo bunny poems are stupid, but I like the one of the site above best. Oh, just in case you didn’t think of it first: BAAABIES EVERYWHERE!