I need to do these more often, so I don’t bomb the f-list weekly.

37: Olivia (my most willing girl model) had her birthday party today and her pseudo daddy asked me to come take pictures for him. Not the most stunning picture technically, but I loved the colors.

36: Found this fellow in my planter when I opened the blinds this morning. He was so bewildered that i had time to snap this picture before he lept out of the planter. Hello, I’m growing squirrels!

35: I got my canvas today! It looks awesome and I’m sure people will want to buy when they see it.

34: S was a blast in the pink petti.

33: Larken took me to the zoo with Munchie and Benji. I love love the zoo.

32: I finally fixed the cotume closet. It now holds more photo props than costumes for ME!

31: I had grown siblings jumping off of benches. My job rocks.