An IM conversation with Meggie that made me feel good.:

(14:27:42) Meggie: Tim wants to know how you’re going to do our wedding photos and be in the wedding at the same time
(14:27:55) Me: Easy, tell him i won’t BE doing your wedding.
(14:28:02) Meggie: what???
(14:28:03) Me: i’m not that good yet
(14:28:08) Meggie: i need you!!!
(14:28:16) Meggie: yeah but we’re not getting married yet
(14:28:42) Meggie: we’ll have you and a backup photographer for the shots you have to be in
(14:29:00) Meggie: who better to tell me what I want than you?
(14:29:01) Me: i’ll tell you what i told mom: hire a real photographer, and i’ll take pictures anyway. besides, i have to steal you for a bunch of practice bridals
(14:29:22) Meggie: you are a real photogrpher
(14:29:29) Me: not a real wedding photographer
(14:29:49) Meggie: Yeah but i wont like anyone else as much as you and end up thinking what if.

It’s nice when your family thinks your stuff is awesome. She also said she’d have me over so often to take picture of her kids they’ll think Aunt Hedder has a camera implant in her face. 😛