I woke up this morning to see an inordinate number of honeybees outside my window. They were all checking out the building where I live, so I strolled out to see what was up. They are apparently nesting in the roof or walls of the building. BEES IN MY WALLS!!!! The entire room that we call John’s mancave HUMS. OMG, panic. Larken and I were walking with Benji elsewhere in the apartment complex and we saw something similar. They had to call the bee specialist out and he pulled a honeycomb the size of a two-year old out of that roof. I’m thinking we have more of them, because the whole ceiling is noisy. Auhg, flip out! They called the bee specialist out here too, but I don’t know that i will be brave enough to get pictures once he’s here. They might have to cut up the rof or ceiling or floors to get at them. There may be BEEEEES in my apartment!!