Day 1- Drove down to Atlanta early, had lunch with John’s dad before we flew out. Flew out at 5:30pm. I love flying, but the 5 hours we were stuck in our seats was a killer. Whee for books. I had to get up and use the airline toilet, something I’ve never done before. It’s bizarre peeing into something that moves/vibrates. We got into San Diego at 7:10pm, but it was 10:10 our time. We were zonked. Called for the hotel shuttle and got checked in. Ate some nasty Chinese (the only place that would deliver) since it was pouring outside, then went to bed. Woke up a scant 3 hours later to Michael Jackon’s ‘Beat It’ being played 15 feet from our room at what seemed to be 400 decibels. Turns out it’s a nightclub! As the rock and techno keeps going, we call the lobby to complain, who call the police to come get the music turned down. I was all set to go beat some ass, but there was no repeat. 🙂 Back to sleep. The roof does have a stunning view though, especially at night.
Day 2- Got up a bit grumpy from the music the night before, got dressed and went out on the town. A breakfast at Starbucks later, we were off wandering the downtown area. We looked in a few stores (there’s an awesome Asian place), then wandered over towards the bay/harbor. They have tons of neat ships there you can tour, mostly old-time ones. The ship used in Master and Commander is even moored there. After some fun lunch at the famous Anthony’s on the Waterfront, we decided to go on a whale watching tour. This was a very new experience for me because the only boat I’ve ever been on was the Disneyland Ferry! The real ocean was MUCH different. I can understand why people get seasick now. The boat rolled and heaved under us like some drunken horse. The ship goes up a swell, then down into the trough behind it. If there’s a big swell, the boat actually drops straight down! I makes the strangest feeling in the pit of your stomach. I somehow managed not to fall over or down the stairs, but just barely. We didn’t see much of the whales while were out there, but we did see a pod of wild dolphins. They came right up to the ship, about 2 feet away. I was so excited that my hands were shaking, and I only got one good photo of them. After coming back from the tour, we got a ride back to the hotel in a pedi-cab. The poor bike guy had a rough time hauling our lard-asses about. Good thing there aren’t many hills here. We got some postcards to mail out and some food, then sat around in the hotel for the rest of the night, watching HBO. I went up on the roof to get some night shots of the city. While I was up there, some guy actually proposed to his girl there. Heh.
Day 3- Got up today and got breakfast the Starbucks again. Yummy. Filled out the postcards and mailed them. Hopefully they will get home to people before we do. I even got to see two wild hummingbirds here! I have no idea what they were though. Not familiar with the species on this side of the US. We walked down toward the harbor/bay again, to tour the USS Midway, an out of commission aircraft carrier. It was fun, until we got to the foot wide 60% angle ladders up to the bridge. That sucked, but I managed not to fall down any of them. Still have NO idea how. After that, we went to an open-air mall for lunch. It was awesome. Wish we had those back home! Too bad it’d be boiling in the summer, freezing in the winter, and wet all spring. That’s what we get for living in Georgia. After a long lunch, we contemplated going to Mexico for half-a-day, but decided our feet needed to be saved for tomorrow and Tuesday. Our trip to the San Diego Zoo! I found a place for internet and uploaded a few shots, and that’s it so far!! 🙂 Since I’m on a slow-ass connection, there are only 10 photos in the San Diego album.