4-22 (by Heather-L)
95: Working out a new pricelist to offer packages sucks.

4-21 (by Heather-L)
94: Had a wonderful shoot today with my favorite redhead repeat client. I bought that dress with her in mind 7 months ago, and she was finally able to fit into it.

4-20 (by Heather-L)
93: John’s dad treated us to lobster dinner. It’s not every day you get lobster, but it was not good.

4-19 (by Heather-L)
92: Soaking Morning Glory seeds before planting.

4-18 (by Heather-L)
91: Miss S’s see-you-later tea party with her freind.I did not cry until I got home. Then I cried all over my mac&cheese.

4-17 (by Heather-L)
90: As John and I pulled out for lunch, I hear this *fwapfwafwap* sound. I ask “What is that sound?” and JOhn says “Umm.. park it NOW.” This is what that sound was. 🙁