5-06 (by Heather-L)
109: Finally got to use the Victorian dresses I bought. They’re a bit on the short side on American kids, no matter what the age. She had fun though, despite her face in this picture. This photo happens to be the 20,000th shot out of my Rebel XT.

5-05 (by Heather-L)
108: Really fast booking for a mother and her 5 daughers. She’s doing this for her husband for Father’s day! It was a total blast. I had them rolling on the ground, jumping in the air, sitting in a 40 degree creek.. etc. They had fun too.

5-04 (by Heather-L)
107: I live my bedroom. Mucha posters from Prauge that I still haven’t paid Brian for.

5-03 (by Heather-L)
106: I wish I could do cool stuff with hair doo-dads.