5-18 (by Heather-L)
5-18a (by Heather-L)
121: Pardon the nasty noise on this pair, but they were taken at about 8:30pm, as the sun was setting. Hummingbirds take one last long feed before nightfall and then go to sleep. I have been wondering where they were for days now, but some people in Louisiana reported a big wave of migraters last week. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing more than just this pair. This is an Adult Female Ruby-Throated and an Adult Male Ruby-Throated. Oddly, the male has a wing-whistle, which is often seen on other species, but not the Rubies.

5-17 (by Heather-L)
120: I did some spring trashing. Not cleaning, trashing. It’s trashing because in order to clean, I go through the drawers and cabinets and grab everything I haven’t used in a year and know I won’t again. I then throw it in a huge pile in the middle of the room. I’ve cleaned this way since I was a kid. I filled 6 garbage bags this time.

5-16 (by Heather-L)
119: Ants.They found my little feeder this morning.

5-15 (by Heather-L)
118: See? Even B+H wants me to have the 5D. 😛

5-14 (by Heather-L)
117: Larken’s boys make quite the pair of brothers. Thanks goodness I don’t have kids of my own, or my heart would be too full of love for anything else.