‘Trip countdown: 8 days! Leave March 4th, 5:29pm. Arrive in San Diego 7:11PM Return March 12, 11:35am. Arrive Atlanta 6:38pm. Flight Duration: 4 hours, 41 minutes. No photos for the flight out, it’ll be dark the whole time. I hope to get some pictures of the Rocky mountains as we’re heading back, but I think we may be seated over the wings. We’re planning on spending two days at the Zoo. It even has a free-flying walk-in Hummingbird aviary. I can get TONS of great photos! Wayne Owen took most of his photos there. We’re planning on spending a day in Sea World as well. I plan on taking my camera, but I think I’ll try putting it in a Ziplock baggie. Plastic is my friend. A trip to the Wild Animal Park will round out my animal seeing needs. After that, we’re planning on seeing the sights in downtown San Diego. The Gas Lamp Quarter is actually where we are staying. Right in the middle of downtown. 🙂 Our hotel looks awesome. Yippie for queen size beds! There’s even a look-out place on the roof for photos. Just to say I’ve finally been out of the country, we’re hopping a trolley over to Tijuana for half a day or so. We may also go on a Whale Watching tour, but it’s not a MUST do thing. At $50 for 3.5 hours, it’s a bit steep. We’re also planning on going to the beach at some point. John says I have to see what the world looks like from the edge of the world’s largest ocean. I plan on sending postcards from San Diego, plus buying everyone bizarre stuff from Mexico. 🙂 I can’t wait!!