5-25 (by Heather-L)
128: Yay for the 5D!!!!

5-24 (by Heather-L)
127: To cope with the camera not being here yet, I bought some new salvias for the garden.

5-23 (by Heather-L)
126: I met some dudes on my walk who had a gas-powered remote car.

5-22 (by Heather-L)
125: I’m on the bone marrow donating registry now!

5-21 (by Heather-L)
124: I torture babies for a living. 😛

5-20 (by Heather-L)
123: My postcard samples arrived today. They feel sooooo good.

5-19 (by Heather-L)
122: Isaac’s birthday party was today. It rocked, despite the poo-covered clue.