On one of the photography forums I read, people have been talking about the recent trash the dress semi-fad. If you have no clue what that is, check out http://trashthedress.com/. Instead of packing the wedding gown away in a box and never looking at it again, you run around it it. Ride horses in it, go swimming in it.. etc. One person said she’s got a dress if anyone is close to Atlanta would want to shoot it, so I jumped all over it. She’s a photographer too, so I said I’d be willing to model if I had a gown to wear so she could get some shots for her portfolio too.
I bought a wedding dress on eBay for $80 a few years back thinking that John and I would be getting married at some point in the near future. Years came and went, and I gained 20lbs! I’m up from 135 to 155, which is wonderful I’m not underweight anymore!! Anyway, the dress I bought… doesn’t fit anymore. Dammit. I’m not going to go back to being underweight so I can fit into it again, so I’ll have to get a new one. The same store is still there, and still just as cheap, so I’m not worried about that.
So.. I may figure out some way to rig the old one mostly closed and go swimming it in it for the other photographer, or I may see if I can talk Larken into playing model for us that day, since she’ll likely fit into the damn thing just fine.
::grumble grumble:: At least my tastes haven’t changed for what I want.