I dreamed last night that I was pregnant… again. This is the third time this month I’ve had pregnant dreams. Arg, I really thought they’d be a few more years in coming, honestly. I don’t want kids. John doesn’t want kids. We’re sick of people telling us ‘you’ll change your mind’, but the thought of being pregnant is becoming less and less disturbing over time. This dream I was just two weeks in and John and I had decided to keep the baby (as opposed to aborting early, because I’m pro-choice). It was already as big as my fist, so i was insanely worried that I was much more than 2 weeks in, but I’d had my period the month before. When I woke up, I actually had to feel on my belly to make sure there wasn’t anything there, and for a few minutes in my sleep-haze, I was disappointed. Dammit body, NO to babies! We don’t have the finances, the patience or the desire!

In other news, I’m stopping the 365 photos thing. I haven’t touched a camera in 6 days, and it’s been more and more of a PITA to keep up with. I will continue to take fun photos and share a little bit of the day, but it won’t be every day anymore.