Today I learned a new thing: NEVER put anything with hot glue on it in the dryer. I was ironing these two matching princess dresses for a shoot this evening and I thought “Boy, this is a pain in the ass. I could really save myself some time by just running these through the dryer.” I walked up to the laundry room, threw them in the dryer, and walked back home thinking how clever I was. 60 minutes later, I walked back up and opened the dryer door to find the dresses covered in melted hot glue, all the bows, flowers and ribbons in a pile at the bottom of the dryer. $*&@*$%^)*(%!^!! I ran to the store to get a glue gun and fixed most of the fallen-off bits. Some are totally missing, and there’s still hot glue sprayed all over the front of the small dress. ARG! Thank goodness tonight’s shoot isn’t a paid shoot. I’ll edit out the spots on the dress for this shoot, but I’ll have to buy another one in the small size. Jesamin, it’s size 2T if it’ll fit one of yours for dress-up stuff.
Larger pic: Clicky

June 22: Larken and I saw this bizzare sight while eating lunch at the mall. Yes, that woman’s pants are see-through. WTF??!!