5D 9952 (Medium) (by Heather-L)
July 13th: I like butterflies.

S400 3770 (Medium) (by Heather-L)
July 13th: I loves me some Larken.

S400 3773 (Medium) (by Heather-L)
July 16th: Either Alice or Pynk drew this on your dry erase board while I wasn’t looking. I’m pretty sure it was Alice. I love Gir.

S400 3774 (Medium) (by Heather-L)
S400 3778 (Medium) (by Heather-L)
S400 3784 (Medium) (by Heather-L)
July 18th: I replaced my ugly Canon camera strap backing with a nice classy one. I went with blue and brown. I need to figure out what to do with the 1yd of the orange and red I bought.