Babies everywhere!!
So, to be really girly, a few days ago Larken let me feel Baby Benjamin kick. He was doing the Lambada in there or something, because it was really noticeable. I put my fingers right where she told me to, and I felt this very fast bump. Then another. Then he really got busy and it was like BUMP BUMP! My first thought was “Hey, there’s a baby in there!” Seriously. I’m a smart girl, eh? I mean, duh, there’s a baby in there! My third thought (after ‘Duh, stupid.’) was “It’s alive!” followed by another Duh moment. It was really a genius level night for me. 🙂 But seriously, it was really really strange to feel that. People put names on things they can see or hear. It’s strange to know there’s a person in there that I can’t see yet. A name, but no face to put it on yet. A live being, but we have no clue who he’ll be yet, or what he looks like. If you ever have the opportunity to feel a baby kick, it’s awesome. For anyone who doesn’t know where the ‘Baaabies!’ quote comes from, go here for the Nutrigrain, Feel Great commercial.