All three of us (by Heather-L)

Mom’s wedding went well. I didn’t trip over my heels or fall down the stairs. I nearly cried during Dave’s wedding vows, they were so sweet. I danced like crazy and as a result got fewer pictures of her wedding than I’d like.Thank goodness I talked her into hiring someone else. It was fun to enjoy myself. Pictures of her wedding following later.

The day after, we took pictures for my mother’s Christmas presents. She said she wanted some pictures of all three of us together, since it’s been years since she had some. Meggie’s been away for years, so this was just now possible. The original plan was to drag a tripod out and just have Tim (Meggie’s brittish guy) press the button, but it was easier for me to set the camera and let Tim compose it himself. He did a pretty good job. At one point he said “This is actually quite difficult!” and Meggie replied with “Yeah, imagine how hard it is when it’s actual children instead of adults just acting like children!” It made me feel good. I was like “Oh, she understands!”