I was entering my income and expenses on my sheet tonight and I happened to look down at my total income for this year: $9312! I switched over to to check out my expenses for this year: $6473. That means I’m on my way to make a profit my first year in business. Pretty damn rare, or so John says. Only one drawback: anyone self-employed has to pay taxes if they make over $400 net. $9312 minus $6473 equals $2839… and it’s October! By the end of December, that gap will widen. So, unless I buy over $3000 in business junk by the end of the year, I’m going to have to pay taxes this year. Now, I’d much rather have  a bunch of pretty dresses, but it’s stupid to buy $3000 worth of stuff just to avoid paying a small mount in taxes. Now, there’s a bunch of stuff that’s deductible, but still…  I’m both proud of myself for doing so well and scared because I hate thinking about tax forms.