John and I have made a new kitty friend around our apartment. She’s quite skinny and young, and is coal black with golden eyes. Amazing little girl kitty, maybe about 6 months old. I took her some food last night and as usual, the Stump went apeshit at charged the door… at 4am. I filled up a spray bottle and am spraying the crap out of her every time she attacks the door. I may not get her to like other cats, but my goal is to get her to quit attacking the door in the night. Poor Stump’s world is crashing down. She gets wet every time she defend her mama, and it’s sooooo torturous. In a perverse way, it’s funny as hell to see that confused look on her face. Ideal situation would be that the Stump would get over it and we’d be able to have more than one kitty, but I’m not holding my breath.