Okay, so I’ve been so lax on updating as of late. I suck.

Work: My job has been going thrillingly well. I say ‘job’ loosely because it still doesn’t feel like I should call a year of self-employment a job. A job is something you do for someone else. This holiday season has been eating my butt though. I have a few things I need to do differently next year, but on the whole I’m pretty damn happy with my work for a year. In January, I’m changing pricing structures and adding a few new policies. I’m also headed to Imaging USA in Tampa for Jan 5-9, so I can go through the tradeshow and other kickass stuff. I’m going with a few photographer friends of mine here as well as meeting up with a few flickr friends there. It should be awesomeness.

Personal: I’m over my cold, but now poor John has it. On his birthday too. I got him some prints from the totally rockin’ Ursula Vernon.  John now has a copy of the years-coveted Edgar and the Ham Fairy, much to his delight. We also found out that she’s only a state away from us, but he’s reluctantly agreed that she doesn’t need a stalker. For Christmas, we’ve decided that we’re going to wait until afterwards and buy a Wii together. Yay!! I have to say, I’m tempted to buy a Tivo too, because Heroes has eaten our brains. We went though all of season 1 on DVD in the past week and I’m just dying for more. It’s free to watch on NBC, so we’re all over that once I finish work.