In the last few days, Walk-Smash-Walk has sort-of taken on a life of it’s own in our place. It’s just so awesome that John and I both have to play it at least twice a day. The following took place while was cooking up some pasta in the kitchen. We have a window-wall (one of those walls that has a big square hole in it so you can see the next room) that goes from the kitchen to the computer-room.

Me: Put on some music, eh?
John: How about smashing robot music?
Me: YES! Me like smashey song!
John: -Puts on viddie-
Me: Louder, man! I’m cooking your dinner in here!
John: -turns it up to near blasting volume-
Me: Bwah hah hah! -procedes to rock out-

I just love it. The kitty/bunny short gets played at least twice a day now too. I found a new one that just knocks me off of my chair: Dad’s Home. When dad’s head is on fire and he puts it out with the cat, you know it’s fucking funny. For those that enjoy a interactive game, try Dad’n’me. You’re a little purple dude. You beat the hell out of all the kids on the playground.