10931I updated the Hummingbirds Album today. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the ones at my window feeder, but I’ve been lax in uploading them because no one but me really gives a crap. I figure that since this is my web page, I’ll go ahead and fill up more disk space with stuff that I care about anyway. I have a lot of hummingbirds around the apartment these days. Two adult males, four adult females, four immature females and two immature males. I know that many of them will be moving southward soon, so I’ve been taking lots of photos. Maybe this year I’ll be lucky enough to have a Winter hummingbird, or even a vagrant Rufous stay for a few days. I thought I might have one already, but closer inspection of the photos proves that she’s just a cinnamon washed Ruby-Throated.

I’ve also been geeking out about cameras this weekend. I loaned my camera and extra bits to Larken’s stepfather (who is also a camera geek and was thinking of buying it), so I was re-researching what to buy is case he wanted to buy it from me.

What I would buy if I had tons of cash:
Small for everywhere: Canon SD500 – $400 – $500 on Ebay
Large for nice nice photos: Canon 20D – $1200 – $1500 on Ebay

What I will buy for much much less:
Small for everywhere: Canon SD400 – $250 – $300 on Ebay
Large for nice nice photos: Canon Rebel XT – $800 – $900 on Ebay

If I sell the Sony for $500 and add that to the $375 I have towards the camera fund already, I’ll only be short about $400. Much better than the $600 it was pre-research. I was going to go for the SD500, but I figured that my daily-take-everywhere camera didn’t need 7MP because the one I’m using now has 5MP. The SD400, at 5MP, will be just fine for $200 less. Yay me for being smart!

Edit: Just checked the prices for the Sony on Ebay. 🙁 Even with all the acessories I have for it, I could only hope to get about $300 tops, which puts me right back to $600 short. Damn damn damn.