I created this recipe though trial and error over about a year. I’ve been perfecting it for quite some time, but figured you might want to give it a try. I have NO clue how much fat there is in it, but it’s pretty damn tasty.

What you’ll need:
Chef Paul’s Poultry Magic – Thanks to Larry for turning me on to this. It’s stunning on just about any kind of poultry.
Adolph’s Seasoned Tenderizer – Make sure you get the yellow-capped bottle!
Lawry’s Garlic Salt – This is great for other things as well. Love this stuff.
Sweet Basil Leaves – Flavor not noticable to me, I use for the smell.
Parkay – Sticks or tub
Chicken. – Pick up some Ready to Cook, Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Tenderloins that have been individually frozen. You’ll find them in big bags near the fresh chicken. You can use fresh chicken, but the frozen is easier to work with.
Pasta! I prefer radiatore or cavatappi, but shells or rotini work almost as well.

Ready the Chicken: Grab a plate and your bag ‘o chicken. Pick out two med-small tenderloins per person being served. Place on plate and dust the bottoms with Adolph’s and Garlic Salt, then dust the tops with Poultry Magic and Basil. Throw it in the microwave! Mine works for 1 minute per side per two filets. If I’m making for just myself, then it’s two minutes. If I’m making for myself and John, then it goes for 8. Yes, the chicken will be cooked most of the way through when you’re done. This is because it’s MUCH easier to cut up, and I’m paranoid about food poisoning.
Ready the stove: Pan for pasta, skillet (non-stick is great) for chicken. Turn the pasta pot to high, turn the chicken pot to medium or med-low if your stove nukes things like mine does. Put a pat of Parkay in the bottom of the skillet and lightly dust with Poultry Magic. If you’re making a sizable amount of chicken, wait to turn on the skillet until you’re 3/4 of the way done. Otherwise, you’ll Just have butter popping everywhere.
Chop that chicken: Cut the chicken filets into centimeter to inch sized chunks. This can take a while, so make sure to watch that skillet! Once the chicken is chopped, add it to the skillet (watch your hands for butter popping!). If you waited too long, just add another pat of butter. If you were too fast, let the butter cook a bit more, other wise the chicken will take forever to finish.
Cookin’: Lightly sautée the chicken chunks. Add some more Poultry Magic while it’s cooking. I like it to look a bit brown from the seasoning. Throw the pasta in now. Your chicken bits will be done before the pasta, but if they finish at the same time the chicken will be way too hot to eat. It needs to sit around a bit to cool while the pasta is getting done.
Prepare the plate: Grab a dinner plate (or more) and the Parkay again. Add two pats of Parkay to the plate, then throw some Garlic Salt all over the plate too. I know it sounds like we’re getting waaaaay satly here, but the blandness of the pasta will balance it out.
Grab that chicken!: Once the chicken chunks are done, throw them onto your plate with the butter and garlic salt. I like my chicken dryish, so I let it sit in the skillet until all of the butter is gone and the chicken is getting a little tan. If you let the chicken get too dry, bits of it will begin to flake off, making your pasta a pain to eat. If it’s too juicy, the whole dish will be too wet, and it’ll be really nasty as it cools.
Eat it: Mix up the chicken bits, pasta and butter. Eat! The plate sure doesn;t look like much of a recipie, but it sure tatses good. If you find it a bit bland even with the chicken bits, add a little table salt to the top and mix in. Be very careful with it though, as it can quickly become too much.
Let me know if you try it!