Some of you may have heard that Georgia had a gas shortage scare yesterday. I was unaware that it was ONLY Georgia. I expected to read about nothing but gas prices on the web and news, so I didn’t even bother. Imagine my surprise when I check this morning and discovered it was only us idiot Southerners who fear everything but the President… I personally had ringside seats to the 2005 Georgia Gas Panic. There’s a station right outside my window at work. At 10am, there was no one there and the prices were $2.60/Gallon. At 2pm, gas was $2.99 and there was a line down the road. We had parents coming in to get the kids early thinking something bad was happening to the teachers.. etc. One said that where she had just come from gas was $3.69 and there were people out in the middle of the main road. I saw on NBC that prices in Atlanta proper reached $6.00, with people lined up around the block for it. Luckily, the governer has put an end to the price gouge and prices are back down to the $3.50 mark. Though, I can’t say I feel sorry for the dumbasses that paid $6 for it. I didn’t go get gas yesterday because I didn’t need any, but you can bet that if I’d had ‘net access, I would have sure checked the news first. I have photos, but my camera is out of batteries, so they will come later.
Edit: Photo here.