11107 I LOVE TIME SQUAD! Seriously. Taken from here: Time Squad, Cartoon Network’s tenth original Cartoon Cartoon first aired on June 8, 2001. Created by Dave Wesson, the series is a true homage to Jay Ward’s Peabody and Sherman. Time Squad explores the humorous, yet unknown events in our world’s history.
The story involves an orphan, Otto Osworth, who happens to meet two time travelers from 100 million years in the future. Time Squad officer Buck Tudorussel, an overly excited, trigger-happy time cop, and his partner, the Larry 3000, a communication robot. The two end up taking Otto under their wing because of his extensive knowledge of world history. In an effort to enforce the past to protect the future, the trio travel back in time to pivotal points in history to correct it. With Otto’s knowledge of the past, Larry’s technical know-how, and Officer Tudressel’s brute force, the squad travels from era to era convincing historical figures to stick to their original in plans to maintain the time-space continuum.
This has to be one of my most loved TV shows ever. I check every 3 months or so to see if anyone knows any more about it or if it’s being shown again. I found out today that it’s back on Cartoon Network Saturdays at 5am. I soooo need. I always check to see if there will ever be a DVD release. I mean, it’s only 26 episodes, but nothing so far. I have a few episodes on blank tapes here, but none in any order, and they’re all really really hard to find. I even check P2P sharing, but still no Time Squad at my fingertips. There aren’t even any t-shirts. 🙁 Somebody tell me that you have all 26 episodes on tape for me… Yes? Yes? Maybe?