In our apartment complex, the tenants are allowed to do as they like with the flowerbeds outside their apartments. Since I’m in love with hummingbirds, I thought I’d try my hand at gardening to attract more. Since the hummingbirds come back from Costa Rica in early March, I wanted to have something ready to plant and in bloom before then, or at least soon after. I went to WalMart’s garden section for pots to grow stuff inside with, and they have these great little expanding Jiffy peat pellets in a box. I bought some seeds and threw them into the little peat things on the 13th. We had our flood, so it got really really humid in here for that day and yesterday. I was shocked when I checked on the seeds yesterday and saw that a LOT of my seeds had already sprouted. This shocks the hell out of me, because I tend to kill every plant I get my hands on. Right now I have:

Nasturtium – Vine for hanging basket. (9/10 (1/13/05) Sprouted, 1/10 (1/15/05) Sprouted)
Cardinal Creeper – Vine, for trellis. (9/10 Sprouted)
Four-o’-clock – Large bush, fast growing and blooming. (1/15 Sprouted)
Morning Glory – Vine, for trellis. (1/10 Sprouted)
Foxglove – Flowering spike plant, short. (0/3 Sprouted)
English Daisy – Short flower, bright reds and pinks. (0/3 Sprouted)
Salvia – Small flower. Hanging pots or as borders. (0/4 Sprouted)

While I was at WalMart getting some more peat pellets last night, I gave in to temptation and bought six guppies to go in the tank that Larken and Blixem gave us for Christmas. I’d had it all set up for weeks, but no fish in it. The WalMart guppies didn’t look sick, so I got three male and three female guppies. The three girls are yellow, and the three boys are blue, red and yellow. The yellow male was sick (tail rot) and I missed it at the store. I had planned to medicate him today, but when I got up this morning, he was already gone. I made sure the water was fine, and the other fish seem happy. Just that one. 🙁 I have to take him back to WalMart today.

The flood is mostly over. We’ve been going nuts listening to the blowers on all day and night for the past two days though. The blowers blow the carpet up from the floor a good 8 inches in some places, which makes it look really silly in here. They’re supposed to come get them today, but not all of our carpet is dry yet, so I’m not sure what they’re planning on. The blowers blow warm air, so it’s stunningly humid in here. Hard for me to breathe, but the plants love it. All in all, we didn’t lose anything but a few rolls of toilet paper in the closet full of wet blankets. Since it wasn’t our fault, I’m hoping that the apartment people will chop something off our rent this month for having to power two blowers for 48 hours and having to pay to wash 5 blankets. I have no idea how to ask about that though. :;shrug:: If any of our books got wet though, I’d have killed someone.

Which brings us to.. pie. Well, cheesecake, really. Cherry cheesecake. Yummy. I just HAD to have some of this yesterday, so I called up Jared (who knows how to make it) and asked him how to make it. It’s a recipe that’s been in our family for who-knows how long, and it makes some really really really tasty cheesecakes. 🙂

2 large graham cracker crusts
2 sticks Philidelphia cream cheese
2 cups sugar
1 pint heavy whipping cream
2-3 cans cherry topping
Place sugar in mixer, start mixer on lowest setting. Cut the cream cheese into cubes and place into mixer, one at a time. Add whipping cream slowly, then beat until slightly fluffy. Scoop out and place into crusts, smooth out top. Carefully pour cherries on top. Cover and place in refrigerator for at least 8 hours before eating.