‘I haven’t had a net connection for a bit, so this is Christmas and New Year updates. 🙂
Christmas was great, even if John and I did have to drive all over the southern USA. John’s dad’s place on the 23rd, his Mom’s on the 24th, then my mom’s on the 25-27th. Despite the driving everywhere, it was a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been as close to getting all of what I really wanted as I was this year. Mom and I also got to go out shopping together, which is always fun. I bought some shiny things, as did she.

From Mom and Dave: Sewing Machine, Metal Detector, and some cool souvenirs from her travels.
From Dad and Asunta: Cash for my quest for more camera gear.
From John’s mom: Sewing Kit (like a picnic basket) and $ for some fabric.
From John’s Dad: Swivel Tripod, Remote Camera Cord, and a week in San Diego.
From Christine and Bruce: 2.5 Gallon fish tank for guppies.
From Atari: A huge book of old 50’s Pin-Up paintings
From Brian: Flight of the Navigator on DVD
From Joshua: Extended Return of the King on DVD

A few other family members sent me money that I’m saving for that 8x lens I want. I need to buy it before we head to San Diego because we’re ging to visit the San Diego Zoo and the Wildlife Park while we’re there. I need and extra memory stick at some point too. Trin and Tang are ordering something for me at some point, but I have no clue what it is. Meggie said she sent me something, but I haven’t gotten it yet. Larry and I are doing the gift exchange thing on the 8th. Mrs Dean and Hannah have been very patient with me, so I have a few things for them as well. 🙂

Tang’s birthday was on the 29th, and Trinny and Larken and John and I got together to throw him a surprise birthday party. There was much cake and much booze. John got cuddly-drunk and i drove his poor butt home. I was followed (but not pulled over) by two police cars on the way home. Christine and I were the lookout guard upstairs. We were looking out the window, watching for Trin and Tang to arrive. They drove up and we jumped away from the window so fast that we scared the poor cats in the room. So, here we are running towards the basement shouting “They’re here!” and the two cats are running the hell away. I stepped on one’s tail and kicked the other, but managed not to fall on them both. They run screaming into the kitchen and proceed to run headlong into the trash can, knocking it over and across the room. Christine and I are like “Oh no! We have to put the trash can back up! They’ll notice!” We almost did too, but then I was like “There’s no time!”, so we ran downstairs and turned the lights off and laughed our butts off at those poor kitties.

New Year’s was great too. I threw together a last-minute Ice Fairy costume (pictures tomorrow). I had a lot of fun trying to keep the damn wings out of everyone’s faces. I made them out of fun foam, so they were nice and soft, but I still kept hitting people with them. Ross’s girlfriend Meghan said that it was the best costume yet, even though I was just wearing jeans. John got some great photos of me in it, so I’m happy. The party was somewhat uneventful, because not a lot of people were there. We all crammed into the basement room for the big ball drop, then crammed into the garage for Dirty Santa. john and I bought a Twister game to give away, which drew a huge applause when unwrapped. We left before i could get sucked into Strip Twister though. Starting off the new year naked (because I’m horrible at Twister) isn’t something I was really in the mood for. I had a nice scare when someone thought that the Lilypie baby bar was for me, and that I was pregnant! I’m having a baby? Sure news to me! 🙂