Today at work, while I was out on the playground with my kids, I kept hearing a strange sound in one of the branches above me. As I kept walking underneath this tree, I kept hearing the sounds. I looked up to see if I could figure out what on earth it was, and my eye was caught by a little brownish-red … thing. At first I thought it was a dead leaf, then I thought it must be a really huge cocoon for some sort of moth. As I looked closer, I realized it had fur and was breathing. After staring at it for a few more seconds, I realized it was a bat, hanging upside-down in the tree leaves! I was so shocked! I”ve never seen a wild bat that close before. I ran inside to get my camera so I could get at least one shot before it was woken up my playing children. Little did I know that I didn”t have to hurry. I took many pictures and watched it for quite some time. I went back out to look at it as I was leaving work, and it was still there! I got home and checked bat species to see if I could find it. It seems to be a very common Eastern Red Bat. They grow to be 4-5 inches, but this one was less than that.. maybe around 2.5 -3 inches long. Since it”s the very begining of August now, I”ll guess that what I saw was a baby. So, if you ever see a hamster hanging from a tree branch… it might be a bat.