John and I finally got our tree up. The first tree of my own, actually. I never had one while I was living by myself. I went to Wal-Mart to buy the tree because it’s cheaper there than anywhere else. $30 got me a 6 foot tall pre-lit tree. I wanted a 4 foot one (just something small), but they were all out. Bought a nice angel for the top at Kroger, then John and I went shopping for the ornaments yesterday. We went to Hobby Lobby first, because they have aisles and aisles of them. Or rather, they did. Hobby lobby was decimated, so we ended up getting some regular blank ones to decorate on our own. Paper mache stars, beaded snowflakes, and glass balls. Then we went back to Wally World to pick up some regular shiny glass balls and some more snowflakes. I like snowflakes. Lots. Came back to decorate and put up the tree. I made some nice ones, John made some scary ones.. We actually have a glass ball that says “Look out behind you!” on one side and “NINJAS” on the other. Mine are less humorous. Overall, a nice day, and I hope a nice holiday. 🙂